Tailor-made Strategies

Trinity Entertainment specializes in creating unique and customized marketing with BTL strategy, activation and execution in innovative solutions.

The Chill Girls – Program” where brand trained individuals represent the brand & sample consumers during ‘moment of need’ to engage & accumulate instant feedback. The various Chill Girl teams from across India not only communicate the brands messaging but also work to create a demand amongst consumers.

Hott Shotts – Program” – Where the most up to date, trend setting, college representatives drive the brand to the consumer, engage the TG to drive footfall at the SHOTT arena through various interactions, and

Other brands include Red Bull, MTV, Tinder, Forever 21, Linkedin, Hewlett Packard, Hotstar, Citibank, Seagate, Britannia Little Hearts, Suncross, Revital H, Revital Women, Pep Fizz, The Harvard MUN and launch campaigns for the XBOX Kinect, FedEx, Trike, TATA Nano Twist, SunPharma, Audi India and the Mumbai Mirchi BingeFest & more

Trinity is the APAC operation arm to global virtual reality giants, Virtual Presence (virtualpresence.co) and is currently impaneled with Trident Hotel, Nariman Point, Mumbai as sole agency on board

Trinity also serves as Indian Wedding Consultant for the biggest hotel chain name across the Middle East and are exclusive partners to Tirun Cruises worldwide for private events on Royal Caribbean Cruises from the port of clients’ choice